792 3652 – Frost protected eye/face wash

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Frost protected eye- and face wash for outdoor use. With piping in stainless steel, insulation, thermostat regulated heat trace cable and casing in painted PVC.

Also available as wall mounted and top feeded versions.

Supplied with self-luminous emergency sign, control card, dimension drawing and operating instructions.


Part No. 7923652
Flow rate: 26 l/min
Working pressure: 2.4 – 7 bar
Supply: 1” BSP (male)
Piping: Stainless steel
Heat trace cable: Raychem Chemelex 3BTV2-CT.
Voltage supply: 230 V
Output: 30W at 10° C.
Thermostat: Raychem AT-TS-13 IP65.
Insulation: Glass wool pipe insulation covered by alu foil.
Casing: PVC pipes, DIN 8061/62