Eye Showers and emergency showers from GIA Premix Technologies

Looking for a Swedish-made eye shower or emergency shower? Make sure your work environment is safe and equipped with technology to protect you and your personnel. We got the solutions you need.

Certified products

Our emergency showers are certified by INSPECTA to meet provisions of ANSI Z358.1 2009 and SS-EN 1554-1 & 2:2006. The products are fully Swedish-made, adapted for all hazardous environments. In addition to our main products, the range also includes protection mixers, flow guards , decontamination booths, mixing valves for domestic hot water and drinking water coolers.

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Eyewash stations & emergency showers from an industry leader

GIA Premix is a European leader in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of Industry Grade state-of-the-art safety shower equipment. With over 30 years of experience, GIA Premix now has a wide range of solutions and products for this market segment. Contact us if you want to know more about us and our products.

We offer a complete program of combined emergency showers, eye showers and protection mixers for all applications, indoors, outdoors, freeze- and acid-proof. We are here to offer you the best solutions with our Swedish-made emergency showers.

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Take action today, and bring your working environment to a new level of safety for you and your staff. With our long experience of emergency solutions for companies, we’re here to help and guide you. Contact us here. Welcome to GIA Premix!