Tank Safety Shower 821750

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GIA Premix Tank Shower for outdoor use has a volume of 1375 liter with a flow rate up to 76 liter/min. The Tank Shower is suitable where no water lines are available, the water supply is unreliable or if there is a risk of freezing and temperature-controlled water is required.

The water temperature appropriate for emergency use is maintained by a thermostat controlled 3 Kw water heater.

Additives mixed into the water eliminates the risk of bacteria growth and allows you to replace the water only in every 6 months.

The basic design in stainless steel consists of a frame work with a tank on top, insulated on all sides and covered by steel panels.

The Tank shower is also available for EX-zones 1 and 2.


Eye wash 8223563-TANK
Alarm (sound and light) 821510
Side panels (3 sides) 821350
PVC curtains at entrance 821751

Technical data:
Frame and tank: Stainless steel.
Insulation: Polyurethane
Shower head: Acetal plastic
Pull handle: Stainless steel.
Water inlet: DN25 (female), with overfill protection.
Dimensions: According to drawing