Tank Safety Shower 821750

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GIA Premix tank safety shower are used if:

  • No water supply lines are available
  • The water supply is unreliable
  • Temperature controlled water is required

Tank shower 1375 liter with a flow rate up to 76 liter/min. Heated tank showers are used for outdoor installation sites. A water temperature which is appropriate for the emergency user is maintained by means of a thermostat controlled immersion bath heater, and freezing is prevented. Any potential danger of bacterial infection is eliminated by means of design features, as well as additives mixed into the water. In this way, the water only needs to be replaced at intervals up to six months. The basic design consists of a massive, stainless steel square-tube frame with top-mounted stainless steel tank including an airtight cover. The tank is insulated on all sides and jacketed with stainless steel panels.

Tank safety shower are suitable for EX-zones 1 & 2.