820950K – Decontamination booth for outdoor use with heater

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GIA Premix decontamination booth for outdoor use with heater. Another step towards keeping your employees safe. The decontamination booth is equipped with body and eye/face showers. Ideal for hazardous areas where harmful chemicals are handled, or any places were the need for outdoor emergency showers occurs, such as chemical sisterns, industrial compounds or harbour areas.


  • Height: 2642 mm
  • Depth: 2321 mm
  • Width: 1184 mm

● Equipped with 500 liter heater.
● The shower booth is constructed out of 45 mm polyurethane insulation     and a sturdy frame.
● The booth is coated with a painted 0,6 mm zinc plating, and Vulcanized
rubber sheet gives the roof extra protection.
● Equipped with swing doors that close automatically.
● Other equipment includes a radiator and motion detection lights for wet
● Floor drain without trap.
● Signs indicate the entrance to the shower.
● Fixed temp. 25 °C.

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