822000-1 Heating Cabinet

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  • The cabinet could be placed Close to the hazard area and will work independent from weather conditions.
  • The eyewash is activated automatically by pulling the cover and lettingit fall down.
  • The shower is loaded with two spray bottles- each bottle contains a sterile 0,9% buffered sodium chloride solution.
  • The flusching time exceeds 15 min.
  • When the shower has been activated both your hands are free to keep your eyelids open while your Eyes and face is flushed.
  • Require no adjustment to the water mains, which eliminates all eventual problems with Legionella bacteria.
  • A heating element and a thermostat will keep the temperature in the cabinet between 25-30 degrees Celsius, independent from the temperature outside the cabinet.

Data sheet, pdf
Installation instruction, pdf