First aid eye wash spray

First aid eye wash spray from GIA Premix

Looking for first aid wash spray or safety shower equipment? Find it here. GIA Premix is a leading manufacturer and provider of emergency equipment for treatment of chemical exposures. All products are Swedish-made in highest quality.

How does it work?

The product is easy to assemble. The cabinet is mounted on a wall, one metre above the floor, which the rules prescribe for a traditional eye shower. The shower is activated when the door is opened and folded down. In the cabinet there are two spray cans, each of which contains a buffered sterile saline solution. After the shower has been activated, both hands are free to keep the eyelids apart so as to provide the most effective flushing of the eyes. After flushing and closing the lid, a flag indicates that the shower has been used and that the bottles have to be replaced.

Information about our first aid eye wash spray

Suitable applications include: various industrial environments, workshops, laboratories, battery charging stations, hospitals, occupational health care, and in environments where access to the mains network is strongly limited. There is no connection to the water supply network, which eliminates the emergence of legionella.

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Make sure to be able to provide high quality equipment for you and your personnel, and better be able to handle accidents with chemical splash. Contact us now and let us help you, providing industry leading equipment. We at GIA Premix are looking forward to helping you.

First aid eye wash spray from GIA Premix